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Sapient Hiring Campaign: 

Sapient is a digital business transformation company and a tech giant which works for many big names across the globe. In the year 2016 Sapient wanted to do a hiring campaign which could change the image of Sapient amongst the target audience who were disruptors and not the safe players.


Our campaign aimed to address the complete spectrum of talent management at Sapient we articulated traits that will make talent succeed in the ‘new’ Sapient – the disruptor or innovator who can challenge the status quo, invent or innovate, transform clients, adapt to change and redefine them while having fun at work and giving back to the society. We wanted to attract well-rounded personalities with a drive to reimagine the world we live in. The campaign tagline had to be a strong call to the disruptor, innovator – we chose “Troublemaker” because we firmly believe no one ever created history without creating a little bit of trouble.

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