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Careem Rides (UAE):
Rides so good,
you can't let go.

In UAE Careem has been the most loved and most popular ride hailing service over period of one decade. In so many years Careem has evolved its services and introduced many ride types. Across all these ride types Careem offers great quality trips and reliability.

Among all the ride types the most popular ride type is 'Comfort', which is good for brand as well as challenging. Because there are also other great services which Careem wanted to highlight and popularize. Two such rides are 'School Rides & Executive/Premier Rides'.

School Rides offers pick up and drop-off to school with trusted Captains. This ride type is budget friendly, flexible with bookings, safe and comfortable awesome cars. It is a great price saver when there are two or more kids going to the same school.

Executive & Premier Rides is a premium segment which offers high-end cars from some big brands like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus etc. The target audience is definitely niche and corporates for whom what they ride in matters the most.

So the overall strategy for this campaign was based on the fact that we make everyday rides special. As a creative articulation of this strategy we came up campaign line ‘Rides so good, you can’t let go’. In this campaign we had shown scenarios where people are so much in love with their ride that they just don’t want to get-off.

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