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Asianpaints Royale: 
Teflon surface protector.

Brief: Asianpaints is the largest selling paint brand in India. It has a premium section of paints called Royale. Addition to the Royale's premiumness was the Teflon, which protected the walls from stains. So, the task at hand was to promote and introduce Teflon to people where they can't miss it.

Idea: We decided to use the shade card itself as our media for promotion. On the Shade card, we have used silhouettes of soldiers instead of the usual colour swatches. This helped us to create top-of-mind recall for our USP - 24-hours protection for walls.

Results: People found the designs of the soldier’s silhouettes very engaging, and easily connected with our brand. Thus it helped create a buzz among our customers.

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