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Good paper project.

Bio-farm is a maker of organic fertilizers. It prides itself on making eco-friendly fertilizers and caring for Mother Nature, so Bio-Farm wanted to redesign their existing packaging. 

Instead of only creating a new visual design on the existing plastic packaging, we decided to go for a radical overhaul of the packaging. We wanted to create a new packaging that was true to the company’s philosophy of being eco-friendly; a packaging design that used Bio-Farm fertilizer itself to create an environment-friendly design. 

We decided to cut down the use of plastic and create a paper that was made by mixing regular paper pulp and Bio-Farm fertilizer. This paper was then used to create packaging design printed with organic (eco-friendly) ink.

Once empty, this packaging could be torn into small pieces and mixed in the soil. Upon watering the pieces of paper dissolved in the soil and acted as a regular fertilizer. 

So, in a nutshell, the ‘Good Paper Project’ packaging design was 100% organic and showed 100% love to Mother Nature.

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