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Gold's Gym: 
Eight pack abs

Brief: To promote Gold’s Gym in the most cost-effective manner, minus television commercials, print or outdoor advertising.

Solution: We created regular leaflets with a slight twist. And took it to jogging parks across the city. The leaflets have a printed image of a man’s stomach. The leaflets were folded three times and as a result of this, got divided into eight parts. These folded leaflets were handed over to the targets. When a jogger unfolded the leaflet with ease, he saw actual eight pack abs – just the result they desired.

Message: a) Building 8-pack abs is as simple as unfolding this paper.
Contact: [0091]-22-23694654
b) On the flip side of the opened leaflet, a note mentions that one producing this leaflet one would receive a 20% discount on enrolling at any branch.

Within a week of this exercise, Gold’s Gym saw 400 people walk in across all branches in Mumbai, of which 223 people joined the gym under different plans.

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