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Godrej Properties: 
The Club Identity.

Project Name: THE TREES

The Trees is probably the only project in Mumbai which can make the enormous promise of close proximity with Nature. It’s also the place which beautifully blends the longing for a holistic living with the affinity people have with the brand Godrej.

Club House Name: THE CLUB

The Club is an extension of The Trees. A literal as well as a figurative branch of The Trees. A place where people can grow through diverse experiences, and activities. A place where people can relax, refresh and rejuvenate just like how one feels under the canopy of trees. Hence, it’s important to leverage and sustain the symbology and ethos of Trees.


Branches symbolize diversity and growth. At The Club, we have a very diverse set of activities and experiences that enrich a person on multiple levels. Levels being psychological, emotional, sensorial, and physical. Which include almost every offering that The Club has.

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