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Good Knight:
Calendar that keeps mosquitoes away for 365 nights.


Good Knight as a brand has always stood for protection from mosquitoes and also 'Safe nights with Good Knight'. Over the period of time Good Knight made many innovations in their product segment and one such innovation was 'Fast Card' a paper which would kill the mosquitoes in the room within 3minutes upon burning it.

• In rural India there is a belief and practie of burning certain items like camphour, insence sticks etc to keep mosquitoes away at night time.
• Also in many Indian homes people still use wall calendars not as a necessity but as traditional practice. These calendar dates are thrown in trash bin once the day is over.

Product Experiment:
We thought of blending these two observations and created a 365 page table calendar using Good Knight's innovative Fast Card paper.
So at the end of the day before going to bed the respective date paper can be burned to kill the mosquitoes and for good night sleep.

Thus the calendar date won't land in trash bin and can be put to a sustainable use.

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