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Careem Rides (KSA):
Instant Payout for Captains.


Earlier Careem Captains had to wait till the month end for their payouts same as any other ride hailing service in the KSA region.

At Careem we decided to change this and launched a new feature in our Captain's app which would allow them to withdraw the amount in their wallet at any time and within few seconds and minutes the amount would be transfered to their bank accounts.
This feature was named as 'Instant Payout' and it was first of its kind in the market as compared to competition.

This feature was so new in the market that it seems to be unbelievable. We decided to use this as hook for a creative execution in our film.

As a result of this campaign KSA saw 33% growth in the acquiring new Captains which helped Careem to resolve the reliability issue in the region. Later this film execution was adapted to other regions like Egypt, Pakistan & UAE.

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