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HDFC Life: 
Letters From
The Necessities. 


HDFC Life is an Insurance brand which has wide range of plans (policies) starting from Term Plan, Children’s Plan, Retirement Plan, Women’s Plan, Health Plan and the list goes on. Among all these plans, one plan is especially designed for one’s needs post-retirement. 


HDFC Life Super Income Plan is a regular income plan with guaranteed benefits and bonuses. This policy offers guaranteed income for a period of 8 to 15 years and is ideal for people who need regular income at their disposal. As a result, they don’t have to worry about future expenses and can fulfil their financial goals uninterrupted.



Spread awareness about the Super Income Plan to its existing customer base and inform about the advantages through a direct mail.



As people approach different stages in life, they set dreams and aspirations for their family and for themselves. However, these ambitions bind them with responsibilities of managing houses, medical expenses, renovations, bills to pay and much more. 



We created direct mailers in the form of letters. Nonetheless, these were not the usual letters which we receive every once in a while from insurance companies. These were the letters that were posted by the dire necessities of a person. These necessities spoke to the receivers on a very personal level about how crucial it was to be prepared when the time of need occurs.

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