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COCODrive 4-Wheeler Insurance: 
Second innings.

COCODrive is a four-wheeler insurance policy from COCO (DHFL General Insurance. To continue its winning streak of the previous campaign, COCO wanted to communicate the benefits of their new product while targeting another regressive cultural notion.

In India, once a person hits the retirement age - they live the life of a recluse because the younger generations are busy with their lives. This forced exile into loneliness is something the majority of aged people face in small towns as well as major cities. 

However, there's no commandment that they can't have fun, or fall in love, or get married again. This became the subject of our campaign.

We showed a love story of people above the age of 70+. 

The product was integrated so beautifully, that with 20+ Million views and counting, brand COCO got the top of mind awareness in General Insurance category while seeing an unprecedented increase in sales as well. 

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