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COCORide 2-Wheeler Insurance: 
The biker girl.

COCORide is a two-wheeler insurance policy product by COCO (DHFL General Insurance). To launch this product, we were expected to create a campaign that would establish COCO as a serious entrant into the General Insurance Category.


To solve this challenge, we decided to make the campaign an agent of cultural change while being beautifully woven around the product offering.

While designing the campaign, we explored the cultural landscape of Indian cities and towns where one rarely sees women riding heavy motorbikes. The general mindset is that women are physically weaker and should only ride lightweight scooters. 

We crafted a coming-of-age story that explored a girl wishing for owning her father's heavy bike. Going against notions, she rides the bike and eventually meets an accident and her escapades come out in open. In the turn of events, the father gets the bike repaired and offers the bike to the daughter proving naysayers wrong while demonstrating the advantage of the product.

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